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About Us

Feel the Difference and Relaxation with Maxi Taxi Mildura

We are your partner in travel since 2018. Maxi Taxi is serving in Redcliffs, Merbein, Gol Gol, Mildura, Wentworth, and the nearby areas. We are a fully loaded team of professional taxi drivers who are not just well-qualified but are also trained experts at driving customers safely to their destination.

We are the ‘Number One’ Taxi service providers because we cater to the needs of our customers by going above and beyond to meet their expectations and ensure that none of their planned or unplanned trips are cancelled.

With every ride we offer, our objective remains the same i.e., a hassle-free, comfortable, and enjoyable experience.

We are a team of professional drivers who are trained and are completely aware of the routes of the areas we serv. We operate by the principle of providing utmost comfort, safety, relief, and affordability. Over the years since we started our operations in 2018, we have strived to maintain our credibility in all the afore-mentioned aspects and we shall continue to do so.

We have taxis that can easily accommodate 11 persons at a time along with two wheelchairs for added comfort. Whether you want to travel in a group or solo, we have got all your travelling needs covered because we cater to the demands of every individual customer.

Our taxis are well sanitized, cleaned every single day. The functionality, and the parts of the taxis are checked before putting them to use every day. So, you do not have to worry about the safety because this area has duly been ticked off right from the scratch.

Our chauffeurs are well-trained, professional, and well-behaved. They will pick you up from your current location and drop you safely at your destination. The chauffeurs at Maxi Taxi are available 24/7. Whether you want to go somewhere nearby or far away, we are just a call away. The Maxi Taxis will be right in front of your door. All you have to do is BOOK NOW

Don’t just go by our words, Book Our Cab and Enjoy the Ride!

Who We Are ?

We are an Australian Cab Company that makes the travel easier and comfortable for the customers. We have a team of more than 50 professionals who take care and manage the operations throughout. Apart from that, we have a team of well-qualified uniformed chauffeurs, who will get you there where you want.

Our Goals

Our end goal is to serve our customers well. Your satisfaction is our ultimate objective. To ensure the consistency of serving our clients and customers with utmost honesty and proficiency, we have a built-in team of customer care which answers to all your queries, doubts, and issues within no time. So, our goal is not just to take you from one place to another but also to keep you informed, alert, and guided throughout your journey with us.

Our Values

We have been abiding by the strong value system within our organization. The values of staying upright, being punctual, keeping the customers first, listening and solving the customer’s issues, and never compromising on the safety of customers are followed by everyone in the hierarchy from top to bottom. Our undettered value system has made us who we are today and gives us an edge over our competitors in the marketspace. You will get to know about our value system only when you book a taxi with us.

Our X-Factor

We differ from other taxis is the areas of Mildura,Redcliffs ,Merbein, Gol Gol, and Wentworth by our X-factor and that is Our Spacious Taxis. We don’t want any of you to stay behind when you plan a trip or travel in a group. That’s why we have our special MAXI TAXIS that can house 11 persons at a time. Also, to add more comfort, our taxis can accommodate two wheelchairs as well. The name itself says our taxis have maximum capacity, hence MAXI TAXIS. So, leave no one behind, because we are available for you at your doorstep just within a single click.


Why Choose Us?

About Our Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are hired after they complete timely training, learns and understand all the traffic and road rules and routes. Our chauffeurs wear the office uniform and adhere to all the rules set by the company. They are polite and well-behaved. Not even for an ounce of second, you will feel the discomfort by being around them during your travel with Maxi Taxis. Our chauffeurs will keep you safe throughout the journey. That’s how they are trained and they will keep you ahead before anything else.

MAxi Taxi

This is Your Maxi Taxi

It’s you who give us a chance to serve you the best. So, do not think twice because we have got everything nice with respect to Maxi Taxi services.

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